Monday, September 1, 2014

Street Artists of Bordeaux

Ever since I moved to Bordeaux last year, the major point of my fascination has been its amazing street performers/artists. One can take the same route everyday and yet not ever get bored for each day, something new awaits him in those streets.

Over the weekend, I came across some really cool performers and I just knew right there and then that they are going to be the subject of my post for this week.

Lets start by my favorite performer whom I came across this Saturday for the very first time
The Predator

 This guy wearing a predator costume was settled on a big metallic block at the end of the crowded pedestrian street in Bordeaux. At first look, it appeared to be a statue placed for a promotion but then I noticed the money bowl in front of the block so I decided to stop and observe. My eyes wandered away for a moment when I heard a loud scream from a group of girls and a lot of people laughing simultaneously. The predator scared the hell out of them by making a loud howling noise and moving its hand towards them as if he was about to attack them. It was hilarious!

Why was he my favorite performer? He noticed me taking his photograph so he waved at me and one the photograph was taken, he reached out to first shake my hand and than kiss it. I was kind of paranoid for a while about holding a predator's hand but the immediate realization of there being a man inside the costume was huge relief. Ting!
I don't really know what to call this performance
These people have been here for quite some time now. They show up regularly everyday at the same spot where they do this balancing trick. For the spectators, the performance is about one person holding a long stick from one end in just one hand with the other person resting in the air effortlessly by holding the other end of the stick.
The talented street painter
This artist is amazing! He is not really there to ask people for money for his display. He makes amazing drawings/paintings right there in front of your eyes (more like in front of a huge crowd!) using only color spray cans. The catch of the performance is his speed! I stood there and times his drawing and it took him precisely 3 minutes to start and complete an entire painting. People often buy the displayed paintings from him upon witnessing his talent. He has been pretty consistent with his displays in the area and is well appreciated for his artistic skills.
The Metallic man
This performer's display of work is based on him portraying himself as a metallic man who can sit in the air (that is to say, nothing under the tush) for long periods of time. Each time he shows up in the shopper's street, the people are awestricken not only by his great costume/makeup but also because it's hard to catch the "catch" behind his trick. People can be seen going close to him and checking if there is something transparent he might be resting on but they fail to find any such thing. In the end, like myself, they just give in to his great performance, appreciate and clap for him and reward him for the spectacle.
Exclusively for our blog!

The next performer, the weird orange man or whoever he was dressed up to portray, made a lot of kids cry! Although he had quite a few spectators gathered around him but I think they too were busy figuring what exactly he was performing as.
The Weird Orange Man

Talking about skilled performers like the street painter earlier in this article, I present you here the street guitarist! It is not uncommon to find musicians performing in the streets of Bordeaux but this one guy appeared to also belong to a band or a group as his guitar case/money container holds a little board with his contact details and social media links.
The street Guitarist
I saved the best for the end!
Help me: For the alcohol, drugs and the pretty girls
It is a usual sight to find needy people with their dogs with a sign board placed in front of them asking for food, dog food, money and sometimes for cigarettes. They aren't performers but just some people needing help. This guy, however, in the image above, totally nailed this "help me" display board. The guy's humorous (I really hope he doesn't mean it) tagline made many passersby pause and smile at him. Moreover, his cheerful and jolly demeanor with his tattoo, red hair and the clown's nose added to the scene. He actually posed for my photo and was happy to hear that it was for my blog. Such a cheerful fella!

And that is a wrap!

Any particular street performance you just couldn't walk past without appreciating? Do let us know and of course, we love it when you lovely readers give us you feed back in the comments section below. Wishing you all a great week ahead!