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Bonjour! I am Lala of  proud Pakistani origin with a tinge of French savor. I am the type of girl who loves Bollywood shamelessly and believes in the possibility of real life musicals. Despite living through my quarter life crisis, I have that na├»ve oddity to me that I don’t plan to ever let go. I am spontaneous and extremely social in my natural habitat. Having worked for radio and TV in past, my love for limelight is concrete.

I love collecting mechanical pencils, erasers, pretty notebooks, perfume samples and fancy lip balms which I will never use. Back in Karachi, my favorite market was SUNDAY Bazaar where buying something after haggling for hours was an achievement. I tend to become insomniac under stress (4 days straight on record!) bite nails and expect too much from Chamomile Tea.

When I am fit, I feel beautiful and open to trying new styles. Currently, I am learning the French way of life in the South of France. Through this blog I am going to share with you my personal experiences relating to Fashion, beauty and fitness in Pakistan and France and sometimes my own rants on how grey the weather is on my side of the world.

Hello ladies and gents, I am Hina, a teacher by profession and a student for life! I try and take each day as it comes in my stride and look to learn something new from everyday life. I'm a compulsive day dreamer who can easily get lost in the plot of a good book, chorus of a song and even pictures of exotic places! I live to eat, love to laugh, and love my dog over most people I know! Too many friends are a liability and so I happily limit myself to a few that I actually like. 

I like to think that I am an optimist and always look for the best in people and hope for a better world. I strongly believe in honesty being the best policy (which of course lands me in shit most of the times…but oh well). Like a coin, I have two sides, on one, I am an extrovert, loud and fun, on the other side, I am an Introvert; quiet and thoughtful.
Not your typical next door girl - but one that lives life for what it’s worth!

 Hello everyone, I'm Zoya, the eldest of 3 siblings and the only girl in my family. Technically I'm a grown woman but I have a young heart and an old soul. I'm a spiritual Muslim with liberal views and a thinking mind.

Growing up, I wanted to be a national geographic photographer, a tennis player, an astronaut and a race car driver. Instead I went into medicine and I love it! I also love trains, rainy season, the color pink and dancing.
I don't like being kept waiting, humidity, bad manners, leafy greens and rap music.
A geeky dreamer, undeniably romantic and will continue watching Disney movies till I die of decrepit old age (no, you can never be too old for fairy tales and cartoons).

My favorite Disney princess is Jane Foster from Tarzan . Granted she isn't really a princess but she is sassy, kinda klutzy and funny and just so sure of who she is. She is intensely loyal to her father and has no problem being an adventure loving, gorilla seeking bluestocking. This is how I would like to see myself minus the gorilla seeking bit.

I want to connect with people out there in blog world & hope to discover new things about myself and just write my little heart out!

Welcome to our view of the world and the things we do that make us who we are. We hope you enjoy this journey with us!

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