Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Of Ramazan ,Thadal and Randomness!

Hey guys!! Long time no see... I've been a bad bad  girl with regards to my contribution to this blog and, it's Lala who's been putting out posts this month. But hopefully I'm back.

 Alrighty then, June was here and gone and July is halfway through along with with mangoes, H.E.A.T and summer hiatuses for all our fav tv shows.

July has also seen the arrival of Ramazan, the mandatory (except for pregnant women, the sick, the elderly or children under 7 years) month of fasting and prayer for Muslims all over the world.

The Islamic calender is lunar so every year the months move ahead by 10 days, i.e, last year Ramazam started around 9 July and this year it started in Pakistan on 30 June.

For those who dont know and are interested I'll just give a little bit more info about the rites and rituals of this holy month. The fast begins just before sunrise and till sunset. To be more accurate it starts with Fajr azan (prayer call) which take place before the sun has fully risen to maghrib azan which is just before the sun sets. No water, no food. Ideally most of the time is supposed to be spent in prayer and reciting the Quran but there is no call for seclusion or anything and life aka work,school goes on.

This year and in the coming years, the trials are greater physically, due to the heat and long day times in countries across the world.

ramazan timings in different countries around the world
Courtesy Huffington Post

 Thanks to all this heat, my craving for sweet and cold has shot up, leading me to  scouring pinterest for all sorts of cool non alcoholic drinks to make.

While usually going for the exotic, there is a drink, special to Sindh that is specific towards beating the heat and giving energy. It's called thadal. It's basically almonds, milk,sugar, poppy seeds, melon seeds, green cardamom, black peppercorn and optional is gulkand which is a sweet rose petal preserve. The dry ingredients are crushed together the old fashioned way, in a clay pot and wooden thestle. Then mixed with chilled milk and served .


 It's sweet and truly amazing and perfect to beat the heat. Some may find it an acquired taste and for those , there is the bottled option available which has mostly the taste of almonds and not so much anything else. However it is convenient (just add water and sugar to taste, et voila!) and more readily used these days.


On another note, DKNY just introduced their Ramazan Collection.Made up of jumpsuits, long shirts and maxi dresses, the collection is smart looking and pretty and keeps very much in touch with what someone like me, would wear comfortably on the streets of NYC.
Glam and modest, I would like some more color to it, but for a first time offering ,not too shabby DKNY. Not shabby at all.

DKNY Ramazan Collection
courtesy DKNY

On to the totally random part of this post, this is me when I have exams near! PS I love love love Superwoman! She is hella funny and talented.

So thats all for now folks. Hope you guys have a great week ahead.