Tuesday, July 22, 2014

These are a few of My fav things

Venus Trapped in Mars

Good Morning! Rise and Shine , the week has just begun.

This week is all about getting to know us! The peeps behind this tiny little blog of ours. I came across two amazing linkups yesterday and immediately shuffled the posts I had planed so I could take part in said link ups. This one is #FavTotalSocial  hosted by the sweet and talented Sara ( I love love love her blog designs!)
and  Helene of Helene in Between. These two ladies are the one of the earliest people I started following and while I'm sadly remiss with comment love, I do stalk them both.

So let's get in to this!

Fav Song: 

Zoya: Shake it Out -Florence and the Machine
Lala: Where does the good go by Tegan and Zara. It's funny how I am not the only person wondering about this fact!

Fave Tv Rerun: 

Zoya: Stargate Sg 1. Ok , so I watch it on my laptop, but it is a re-run!
Lala: Friends! It never goes old for me. Infact with each rerun, Joey is becoming more handsome to my eyes and Ross and Rachel never fail to impress me as the perfect couple.

Fav endearment:

Zoya: I use sugar/sugarpuff a lot. A lot. And that kinda makes me sound southern except I'm not even American, so.....
Lala: nothing beats "janeman" in urdu which means "sweetheart" in English. And it suits Children and adult alike!

Fave Shiny Object: 

Zoya: My Brand spankin' new Samsung galaxy Tablet. It's new enough to have  the protective screen on it.
Lala: Lipgloss without a doubt. Its liquid shine in a tube and it makes me shine through the grey days in my city.

Fav perfume:

Zoya: Im a perfume fanatic.Currently Swarovski Aura. Dang that smells good!

Swarovski Aura

Lala:  Whoa! This is tough.... I am a perfume collector so Its like choosing one favorite child outta rest of them. But lets see. There is a perfume called Romance for men by Rasasi (but I still love it) which is not a huge designer brand but somehow this one has managed to successfully capture all my sense over the years. I can recognize it from far away!

Romance Rasasi

Fav food I've cooked: 

Zoya: My spaghetti bolognese. It's the one thing I can make from memory.
 Lala: last week, I cooked the traditional Rice Pulao with an improvisation where I replaced the meat with Mushrooms. The results were amazing! The people who had it told me that they haven't eaten a meat Pulao as well cooked and flavored as the Mushroom one. It's my new master secret recipe, Ting!

Fav meal out :

Zoya:  Dynasty at Avari Towers Karachi. Best frickin' desi chinese I have ever, ever had. And I love desi chinese!
Lala: Anything Pakistani. From a simple flat bread called paratha for breakfast to heavy thick and oily meat curry called Nihari, from light food called Khichdi for dull days to heavy food such as Haleem or Biryani on family occassions and weekends, Pakistani cuisine is my one true love!

Fav pin/website of the moment: 

Zoya: I just created a new board and it's all about gifts/presents. This PIN was a life saver since I have a baby shower in the family coming up and had no idea what to get.
Lala: ThreeSamosas obviously! Oh no, does that sound biased? Well in that case, I would say, GoodReads. This is one website that never fails to attract me. I am a quote lover and this website helps me keep up with my love for well though, well composed and well said words.

So there you have it folks. These questions were randomly chosen , some in Sara's post and some from  Squidoo. Next post : Blogmopolitan Quiz Round Trois!