Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Fandom Friday : Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without

fandom friday 5

Hi everyone. I may not have been blogging much aka at all but I have been sporadically reading blogs about random things.Mostly these days I'm geeking out hard core over the MCU and DCU .In fact there is a whole other post on that coming up. Any way I came across this blog by Megan Gotch who blogs over at  The Nerdy Girlie and can I just tell you, I love it! It's all things nerdy and fan girly, a blog after my own heart.
Megan has a 5 Fandom Friday twitter link up and the topics are pre-decided. I missed out on all of October and coming across the posts for today, suddenly feel inspired to write about something again. So rambling discourse aside, let's get into this.

Today's 5 Fandom Friday is about as the title says, the 5 smartphone apps I can't live without. This doesn't exactly apply, since I don't know half the time at home, where my phone is, so I'll just share the ones I use most often.Not in any particular order.
I have a Samsung S3 so my apps are all on Google Play Store .

5. Candycam: This is my go to photo taking app. Lots of filters that you can pre-apply and take your picture directly through the app.And it's free!

candy camera filters

4.Daily Horoscope : Yup. I may or may not believe it, but I do tend to check this out every night. It gives that extra little push when a good horoscope comes out, hahaha.Yea, I know.

capricorn horoscope

3.Medscape: Comes in handy, what with me being a doctor and all.


2.Messengers: Whatsapp, Viber, Skype. Self explanatory I think.

1.Lumosity: I could get addicted to this except I have the free version and thus can only play some exercises. Great fun tool and it truly does help train your brain.

lumosity brain training

So that's my Fandom Friday 5 for apps I cant live without. Any apps you guys wanna share with me?

Till next time, fare thee well.