Monday, November 3, 2014

Updates and Apologies

First off, the apologies. Being MIA from the blog was not a conscious decision. It just kinda happened.Honestly. I haven't been doing anything new or exciting, just the daily grind. Lala, however has been super busy and has some exciting things happening along with major life transitions and she will share those with you guys when she gets some breathing room. In the meantime, it's me you will be seeing around here mostly.

Now some updates :

 Biggest and best update : My brother and his wife were blessed with their first baby! It's a boy as those who read my Baby Shower post may have guessed. A healthy, very zen, contemplative baby, who is the apple of everyone's eyes and is the VVip these days in our house.

baby boy Zavi

Life: same old same old. Late night tea runs along with some ludo fun. Ludo is basically a board game with 4 people playing, each having a designated colored spot along with colored counters/pieces (we call them goti/s). It's the most popular board game here and is played and enjoyed by the masses. Also, I've been on a winning streak, so yay me!


Work: As a junior doctor, I feel like my life is one big exam broken into smaller ones. I come out of one exam, only to start prepping for the next. Each one progressively more and more nerve wrecking. I have moments where I wanna throw away my books and take up something more fun and exciting... Nat Geo photographer anyone? Alas, those moments are temporary and lucidity soon returns and it's back to the books.

Random: I realized I never did update My Summer Reading List  and let you guys know if I got through it all.
I managed to go up til Fantasy in Death (book 30 I believe) in the JD Robb In  Death series.Did not start Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts at all and read and re-read Sarah MacLean's No Good Duke.

Detailed reviews to come later.

So with a cup of tea and a introspective mood, I bid adieu for now.