Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Bridal Couture week

 If you follow us on Instagram , I shared some pictures of the PBCW 2014 a while back.

A few days ago, I headed to day 3, show 1, of the Pantene Bridal Couture week 2014. As a non-fashoinista, this was no serious matter and just something different to do on a Sunday evening. The red carpet was at 6, started at 7. The show was at 8 ,started at 9:15. Ah well, nothing new with that,since it is a national past time to be fashionably late.

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures of the lounge area as we had gotten there late and people were queued up to go in.And the pictures and videos I did take were from my phone , so apologies in advance for the crappy quality.

This yearly event is considered the  country's top bridal fashion weekend and thus you have top designers like HSY, Deepak Parwani and Nomi Ansari showing their latest stuff, along with second tier  and up and coming designers as well. My phone couldn't do much so just sharing what I could salvage.