Tuesday, May 6, 2014

AtoZ Reflections April 2014

 Our "reflections" on the AtoZ challenge 2014!

Blogging from A to Z April 2014 was a challenge that my partner in crime on this blog, Zoya, signed up for. Posting on regular basis was exactly what we wanted to do with our blog when we conceived the idea to go live in March earlier this year. However, so it happened that my life distracted me from my blog and that's when Zoya took the initiative to sign up for this challenge and continue posting on regular basis in my absence. I have often mentioned this in my posts and I am doing this yet again today because I wouldn't be able to write my share of this reflection post for April 2014 if she hadn't been such a self-motivated and a good decision making individual who truly owns this blog. It's like she went all "Challenge accepted!" when she learned about it. You go girl!

As for myself, I enjoyed the idea of posting on regular basis for as many days as the English alphabets. To be honest, writing for this challenge helped me recognize my various writing related weaknesses and strengths. I discovered my genuine writing style and of course, I learned a lot of new English words which I didn't know earlier.
Simply put, this was truly a blogging drill that new bloggers must try for once to get in the habit of being regular and disciplined with the blog. Moreover, through this challenge, I shared the platform with many other bloggers who were on the same quest as mine. That exposure helped me learn in terms of varying writing styles and blog designs. Visiting other blogs and getting visitors on our blog became a friendly practice and both incoming and outgoing feedback has been appreciated.

Oyye! Where do I start? As Lala mentioned, I really did jump in this AtoZ Challenge With both eyes closed and fingers and toes crossed!

As I'm writing this I can still remember the feeling adrenaline gave when I would have only 1 hour to post a letter and no ideas would be forthcoming!

The number of people who are actual writers, aka authors, fiction creators participating in the challenge,was and still is, intimidating for me. I got to read a whole bunch of interesting short stories, tried and failed at writing haiku ( yes, that is possible. Im proof of it.) and reaffirmed that I don't do all that well with deadlines.

I also gained a bit more confidence in my writing style which is partly the reason I wanted to blog.
I do wish I had followed all the tips that were given out at the start like scheduling posts or having a theme, since it would have saved me a whole bunch of headaches.

Also,I have a new appreciation for people who post 5-6 times a week. Seriously you Amazons, how do you do it?!

Now, would I do this again next year? Yes! Life permitting and luck holding, I would definitely do this again next year and hopefully with better planning. Or not. There is something thrilling about going in blind , wouldn't you say?

Thank you all those who read our posts, who commented and who ever dropped by. As non niche bloggers, this was a great chance to get our blog out to a lot of people. So thank you AtoZ Challenge.

See ya next year!