Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoya's Summer Reading List

Summer vacays are here!!! Not that I actually get any "vacations" at my job. I can get 10 days of 'leave' but no official vacations.Anyways, summer for all intents is the time to relax in some way, shape or form. And for me it also means summer blockbuster movies, and reading much awaited next-book in a series since quite a few come out in the next few months.Regardless of hail or hot weather I keep reading books throughout the year,so it's not like summer is the only chunk of my time that goes in the worlds of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romances and PostApocalyptic futures.

There are however a few series that I plan on starting which I've been putting off for one reason or the other.


1. In Death books by JD Robb ( also writes by the name of Nora Roberts). The story of homicide policewoman , Lt Eve Dallas and her quest to stand for the dead. I've been hearing about these books for ages and ages but for some reason never got around to reading them, even though I have had them on my external drive, also, for ages and ages.This summer, however, I'm going through this series no matter wat! Also, Roarke. Enuff said.

PS: I know he hasn't aged well, but Pierce Brosnan ( of James Bond ) would be a nice face to put to Roarke in my opinion (and they are both Irish!)
Pierce Brosnan As Roarke

2.Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts. A gritty Urban Fantasy series, people have been raving about it on GoodReads for so long.I'm not sure how much ,or at all , I would like this, but I dont want to give up without giving it a chance first. It's main leading lady is an addict, the two men vying for her are a drug lord's enforcer and another drug lord's son. So , yea, def not my usual type, but nothing gained if nothing ventured.

 3.To stay on the light side, I will also be reading, infact will be starting this is a day or two, Sarah MacLeans' No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. I liked the first two books in the series, so hopefully this would be a fun read as well.

So that's my summer reading list, which is a bit ambitious since the In Death books, alone are 38 in number.

Whats your summer reading list, if you have one?