Monday, June 9, 2014

Lala's Playlist - Top 10 best Bollywood workout songs

Welcome summers for how I missed you! All I needed to get my spirits high was a cloudless sky and a blazing sun. Not that it's as hot as in Karachi but since last one week, the joy of going out without as much as a jacket is just beyond explanation. For me, this is somehow the best season to workout and amidst the french beats which are played at my gym, what makes me feel original is my very own handpicked selection of songs on my mp3 player.

My playlist is all about my fascination with Bollywood music. I time my moves around the songs and instead of counting my repetitions (it makes you feel exhausted) I just groove on! Here I am sharing my current playlist that helps me survive through the entire workout routine (Bipasha Basu's love yourself - beginner's level). A combination of old and new tracks, this playlist marks for me a successful workout each time I press play.

Workout time for me is an hour that I get to spend with myself each day and I live it honestly being myself i.e A shameless Bollywood fan!

1. Baby Doll - Ragini MMS 2

My favorite warm-up routine track and a reminder to why I deserve this time to myself. I am on my way to transform into a "Baby Doll" - Ting!

2. Hungama - Queen

For the first phase of the hectic cardio routine during my interval training, this is the song that puts me in the right mood. The entire length of the song corresponds with the duration of the cardio burst routine and the otherwise "seeming to last forever" 2 minutes of jumping jacks and shuffles suddenly turn into a 2 minute dance party along with the beats of this retro-ish track.

3. Oh Yaara Dil Lagana - Agni Sakshi

The strength training in the beginning of the workouts tend to demand some smooth intensity from the music, not too upbeat yet not too mellow. This track is perfect to time your weight lifting repetitions around. Don't trust me? Give it a try!

4. Dreamum Wakeupum - Aiyya

Oh la la! 3 minutes and 40 seconds of crazy crazy jumping'um! When it's time to shake up'um and you are short on energy, this is the track that will get your heart go all pumping'um!

5. Ghagra - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

When I just wanna catch my breath in the middle of the training without letting go of all the built up energy, I simply move along with this song. Random steps and some thumkas here and there, a perfect recharge track. By the way, this song is also being featured in a French frozen food brand's advertisement on TV these days so I can't help but feel glad about having it on my mp3.

6. Tooh - Gori Teray Pyar Mein

If you know what "Tooh" means in punjabi, you will be able to guess which body zone workout is accompanied by this track. This song helped me fall in love with my own "Tooh" and made me want to workout extra dedication to tone it up a bit more to my liking.

7. Honeymoon Ki Raat - The Dirty Picture

This song serves as a fun motivator to me whenever I am the verge of giving up in the middle of the workout. Not that I can live up to all the cheesy claims the singer is making in the song but hey, it still makes me remember why I started to workout in the first place - To bring my sexy back!

8. Husn Hai Suhana - Coolie. No 1

I integrate some extra cardio sessions on alternative days during my week. To keep up with the pace of the Denise Austin's 10 minute Cardio blast routine, this song is the trick. Apart from all it's energy, the notion of Govinda dancing away in his trademark style bring a smile to my face despite the breathlessness. In short, this song does good to my facial muscles!

9. Tu Mere Dil Mein Basja - Judwaa

Not your typical workout song but it comes to my rescue when I have to perform some publicly uncomfortable moves in the gym surrounded by many other trainers. Such moves may involve: Hip rolls, pelvic thrusts, hip shakes and beginner's mountain climbs. I mean if Salman Khan and Karishma Kapoor can shoot those dance steps in public, I am only doing that which really needs to be done!

10. Meri Pant Bhi Sexy - Dulaara

This is a truly funky and feel good song for me. I keep this for the last burst of cardio moves right before the finishing line. Even if I lose my form and can't keep up with the original exercise steps, I let myself go and do whatever I know to keep my heart beat rate up.

The ultimate point of working out is not just to lose weight or get fit in a blink. It's a long process which needs diligence, dedication and constant motivation and so I like to enjoy my exercise sessions on daily basis. Having combined my love for cheesy Bollywood songs with an interesting and efficient workout routine program, I actually happily look forward to waking up every morning, chugging my coffee and sprinting to the gym.

And thanks to the Govinda factor in some of the songs, the smile on my face has led to other trainers smiling back and even waving at me in appreciation. They really have no idea about what's on my mp3 player! Ting.