Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How this Came to Be

Image credit: Google Images

The idea to blog came to us over a plate of samosas( for those who don’t know, its a small fried turnover of Indian origin that is filled with seasoned vegetables or meat, with the newer additions of chocolate, cheese, pretty-much-any-filling-you-want). This was about a year and half ago but nothing came out of it at that time. One of us, Lala, soon moved to France after that and life went on as usual. Then a few weeks back, Lala revamped  the plan and asked us to band together and blog under one title.
Hence was born the Confederacy of Confessions.

What started off as a fun, lets-only-blog-when-we-feel-like-it idea, it morphed, really fast into obsessive Google researching and foraying into HTML codes and being as ungeneric as possible. All this before we even started writing. The domain name had to be perfect (mind you, 2 outta 3 of us didn't even  know what domain means, and that includes yours truly). It took all sorts of suggestions and then after hours and hours of Facebook chat and Skype calls, we hit upon threesamosas. Not very original but hey, that’s just how it began.

The blog name too, of course, had to be perfect. Easier said than done. We are not a niche blog by any means. We have entirely different professions and life goals. With this blog too, we had/have no clear idea, where we are going. Lala wants to do fashion related, product review blogging. I tend to have opinions on things and want to add politics, pop culture , movie ,food  and anything else I read or hear about, reviews/analysis/pov. Hina just goes with the flow.Reaching  a consensus on everything became an exercise in willing ability to scrape and start anew.
There were moments of HTML related Oh nos, what did I do now, all the way to, this is too much pressure, I cant think much less write with this stress!

But with this came some really good things. Now, we know that Lala is our HTML lady, so that's a new skill one of us picked up. I now know about the hoops the professional bloggers go through and how much work they put into this, giving me a new appreciation for them and a drive to present only our best out there.Hina is using this as a way to be consistent with her writing.

Mostly,however, I realized how much I want to be part of this community of people all around the world. The mommy bloggers, the fashion bloggers,the lifestyle and-everything-under-the-sun bloggers, the blogging help bloggers, all of you have introduced me to this new world where I can just write and be myself. And where I may learn new things and connect with some really cool people out there.

So thank you blog world. And thank you dear reader for joining us as we start on an exciting and adventurous new journey.