Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zero, Zodiac and Zindabaad!

And this would be the last ever post of the A to Z challenge for the month of April 2014. No, not just because its the letter "Z" but also because I hope I really am the last of the last people posting the last post for this challenge.

Z is for zero. How I wish to understand you, the mysterious zero. A single zero has the power to make our hearts sink if it shows up on the balance of our bank account while on the other hand, we would like to have loads of them following any number between 1 to 9 on our paychecks. "00:00 AM" marks the end of yet another day of our lives while simultaneously asking from us to be prepared for another one ahead. In my eyes, zero is the perfect enigma for me. I have never felt so strongly for any other number, believe you me! Zero is the gray matter between the black and white.

Z is for Zodiacs. It all started with my mommy's superstitious tendencies shared by me genetically. As a young kid I remember noticing my mother checking for weekly zodiacs in the magazines. My father often told her that these predictions are just some lucky shots and may as well be true for 10 people out of thousands sharing the same sign. My mother always maintained that she does this for entertainment purposes and have no faith in the predictions whatsoever.

Truth be told, I used to notice her being extra cautious and concerned around the days where a prediction suggested an argument with the loved ones, bad health and loss of wealth. She even tried re-scheduling her appointments on the days which were declared risky for traveling. However I wonder why these predictions never fell around my school examinations!?

Apparently, what used to get her attention back then out of the zodiac page were the warnings and the cautions. Once in a while when 'this astrologer' probably used to get paid by the magazine, he would randomly throw statement like "Expect a mysterious financial gain possibly in the form of an old (forgotten) friend locating you to pay back a certain financial favor you offered him/her in the past". Now these are the kind of predictions in which my mother really wasn't interested. In fact, forget about the money, she would start thinking about how to avoid coming across this friendly family stalker who is trying to locate us decades after. Hey, you, whoever you are, you can keep the money and you are not welcome. LOL!

I always thought I would grow up to be a rational girl. And I didn't disappoint myself at all.............. except that I am proud to be a LEO, ting! My zodiac is the only thing I can blame apart from my 'kinda interesting childhood conditioning' for some of my "beyond human comprehension" rituals. I eat Ice cream with a mug of hot coffee,  I drink my cola hot, I can bear any amount of pain trying to do something which seems like an achievement to me but will cry like a baby if someone would tip-toe behind me and pop a balloon over my head.

It is an 'astrological fact' that Leo people tend to eat emotionally and that is exactly what I do!! So you get my point, right? Well, I am also supposed to be dominating, self-righteous and arrogant according to my zodiac but If you read the line number one of this paragraph with much more focus and intent, read it again, what? You still have no idea what I am trying to say? I mean this is the simplest form of English and there is nothing too technical here to  understand and you still don't get my point? Let me explain, you see, just pick up the good things from your zodiac sign and try to use them in order to become the best version of yourself. And the bad things is that part of zodiac signs which doesn't deserve any attention. Just do as I am telling you and you will find how you can use zodiac for your own good (Ting,ting,ting!) And try to be fun about zodiac instead of superstitious (Ting again!).

Now that I have proven that I am not an arrogant or a dominating personality, I must go and rest. Leo "personalities" cannot function properly if they don't get sufficient sleep. According to the book, "Leos in 2014" by "--------" (I can't tell you the name, I don't wanna jinx the fact that It always gives me predictions similar to my situations, ting!) Leos can gain weight, become insomniac and depressed if unhappy or stressed. You have no idea how much money this helped me save! I totally skipped the trip to the doctor's lounge and ended up buying fancy candles, aromatherapy oils and a guided meditation CD for half the price! As the book says: "It is very important to keep the lion happy and satisfied and in some cases, pampered otherwise they will lose their spark." Now which doctor would ever understand how different a Leo patient in nature is? I mean, they never fall sick for real, they just need some TLC and they will be fine! Right?

So in short: "I do this for entertainment purposes and have no faith in the predictions whatsoever".
And as a Leo, I am supposed to be an extremely talkative person. So not true, right? But I choose to like the fact that a lot of cool, intelligent, sexy people are Leo! ;-)
Prior to signing this last post, lemme say just one word or maybe two : Bloggers Zindabaad. It is the Urdu word for " Long live bloggers" or "Vive les blogueurs" :-) I would like to extend this statement to all the fellow participants of the A to Z blogging challenge for April. Signing up for this challenge, making time to tackle it on daily basis and typing away and publishing it for the feedback of the readers is not as simple or easy as it may seem but yes my friends, we have done it!!! It's time to give ourselves a pat on our shoulder and remind us that we are capable of accomplishing anything we put our heart and efforts in.

Zoya, thank you for making a right decision for this blog and congratulations for completing what you started :-) I owe you a pat on your back. Three cheers for us for making this happen together!

And now, what's your star sign? I would love to hear your say on zodiac signs and their influence,  if any.