Thursday, August 21, 2014

A day at the beach

 An impromptu visit to the beach, two hrs away.

Zoya at the beach

So I'm sitting there in my ,er, let's just say lounging pants (basically pjs as far as I am concerned), with my books open and my pencil tapping away and it's getting close to lunch time..Wait, why are you in your pj's at 2 pm in the afternoon Zee, you might ask. Standard Post call attire for me. I'll share that story some other time though.

Anyway, so there I am, and having gotten home from work just an hour ago, I feel a bit apprehensive when my friend calls (we work in the same hospital, albeit in different departments).Hoping nothing serious has happened, I pick up the phone only to have 3 voices screaming at me to come downstairs in 5 mins, as they are picking me up and we are heading to the beach!

Before I could sputter out a whaaa?? the call disconnected, and knowing them , I just grabbed my bag, changed my pants and hurriedly informed the family.They seem to be coming to terms with my newly sudden social life ,slowly but surely enough.

Now bearing in mind that I was the only one who had gotten home, and the rest were coming directly from work, we  were so not prepared. No towels, no flip flops,no sunblock,nothing!

We spent nearly the whole way there bugging Nat, and the whole way back thanking her.

Because thus came about one of the nicest day outs in a long time.

We headed out of Karachi, jostling through heavy trucks and traffic, in my friend Nat's little matchbox of a car.

Heading to Hawksbay
Heading to Hawksbay

Heading to Hawksbay

Heading to Hawksbay

It took us a bit more than 2 hrs to get there and some of it was because we none of us, had any clue where to head after a certain point. and considering we had to get back in time for maghrib (7:15 pm) we  were just joy riding!

I couldn't get to many pics at the beach, since 2 mins after arriving there we, had all rushed in the water fully clothed...Yup, that's just how we roll yo!

French Beach Karachi

Three amigos at French beach
Faizi , Nat and Mari.
Mari and me at french beach
Me and Mari

Mari and me at french beach

After just an hour there, during which Mari ,our resident selfie queen singlehandedly conducted her own photo shoot and Faizi went all Bollywood in the water, Nat refusing to get in there with us and yours truly just enjoying the peace and quiet, we headed back.

None of us had had anything since breakfast and were now feeling the hunger pangs. We got back to Karachi in less time then we had taken to get out (which is weird since traffic was horrid on the trip back) and dropped in at our new regular 'adda' or hangout, at Boat Basin (kinda like a food street).
Pictured below is a 'Bun Kabab', our staple long before McD's came to town.Yum!

Bun Kabab
Bun Kabab.
It was such a positive day, and a much needed break. Thanks to Nat and her sudden plans, I feel recharged and refreshed.

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