Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to me =)

Yesterday, 4th August 2014, was my birthday. Not only have I grown up numerically (dammit!) but also everything that I am, I do and I think has just turned 26 times better than it has ever been in my life and of those I share it with. Ting!

The candles from my birthday cake.

A birthday in France with new friends, family and loads of tokens of love paired with a huge number of  wishes from friends and family in Pakistan is more than what I could have possibly even asked for. It was indeed a beautiful day for me not just because it was my birthday but also because some people chose this day to express their perception of me which is so flattering that I don't have any words to describe my feelings. It is a consistent choice between doing or saying something right or wrong for me or anyone and everyone in that case. And to learn one day that people acknowledge and appreciate your choices so much, trust me, it makes one feel like each moment of their life is worthwhile! I promise myself to continue being aware of my thoughts and my choices in this year and all those to come ahead.

So here I am, sharing my day in pictures with you for I have learned that happiness feels like happiness only when it is shared. So here we go!

1. The 2 beautiful birthday cards I recieved (one of which was a 3D pop-up card!)

3D pop-up card - Outside look
3D pop up card - Inside view
A truely girly birthday card from this beautiful girl I know :-) This may not be a 3D pop up card but it was still bearing a surprise for me!

2. Who is this utterly handsome guy?

This dude came and sat on my photography background table and was kind enough to give me a voluntary pose. Earlier, we also exchanged quite a few birthday kisses, SSsshhhhhhh ;-) You would like to visit us again soon to learn about this new guy in my life, now wouldn't you? Ting!

3. I was serious when I told you guys about my passion for collecting erasers! Here's how my passion helped someone choose some of my birthday presents:

Probably the biggest eraser I have seen in my life. It's pink, it reads "For the really big mistakes" and is just perfect! 
Look at this huge peanut shaped eraser. Oh boy, you shouldn't have had done this! Now, I wanna big bowl full of these rubbery peanuts.
This is a set of tea scented erasers in 5 variations. They are a beauty! When companies manufacture such beauties with over the line prices, I just feel comfortable in the knowledge of the fact that I am not the only crazy one in this world collecting erasers!

4. I love cats!

I love this sticker set and I may start collecting these kind of stickers once again (I was the sticker boss in school days) as long as they come to me in the form of presents. I really would like to start earning a 4...5....6... digit salary before I can start splurging on these on my own. 

5. What can a coffee lover possibly ask for as a present?

The "Cat on the roof" collection espresso shot mugs with cute little teaspoons paired with them. Cats, cats everywhere!

Outside, inside, out.....the cat is livin' in my cup o' mocha (just that, technically, its a espresso shot cup)

6. Here enters the 'Wise Owl' in my life!

I thought he was just a regular contemporary "Pinkety Pooh" of an owl.........but then......
"Never judge anything/anyone by its first impression!" Said the wise owl with my glasses on.

7. And I decided to treat myself "just a little bit" for my birthday as well.

I like to mark my important days with some self pampering using Lush products. The birthday special to me from me was " Devil's Advocate" bathing bomb.
After an extremely stressful weekend, my skin needed some calming time. The body shop purchases were followed by a 10 euro voucher from them for my birthday. As it's valid for one month, I will give it some good thought before claiming it against anything at all ;-)

8. A birthday without some cake? Impossible!
I made my wish! What seems really big wishes to us are small matters for the universe. It takes it a second to fulfill all our wishes that are in out best interest :-)
Simply my piece of the Versailles Triple Chocolate cake
 9. And just when I thought my day was over, I recieved another great surprise today:

Just when I am couple of month away from taking my French to next level officially, I recieved this very interesting book present which made French reading for me so much fun as it's a graphic novel based around a topic I am really interested in exploring. A very thoughtful, useful and informative book which I think I won't be able to put down for a long time to come. A special thank you to You! :-)

And a sincere thank you to each and everyone of you who wished me in their thought, through their words, wishes and prayers, by taking out time to call me, by talking to me for hours and making me laugh and for pushing me to never stress about a thing, for selecting presents for me and for reminding me that I am loved!