Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures! We all have them, from devouring 50 shades like it was a life saving elixir to eating cream cheese spread straight out of the tub.

I however, proudly own mine! Nothing, well almost nothing is too embarrassing for me to own up to.For the sake of this post however, I'll share a few things I get weird looks and sometimes plain ridicule for. #yeadontreallycarebyenow

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Venus Trapped in Mars

Here are mine in no particular order:

5: Spending hours I really should be studying, re-reading my favourite PNR or Fantasy books. It's escapism, yo!

4: Eating Jalebi . And aloo samosa. Together. I literally take a bite out of the samosas,chew a little , then a bite from the jalebi.Spicy and sweet!

3: Punjabi (Pakistani) films.Don't even understand the words in some of them. Lots of screaming, buxom ladies wearing gaudy clothes and so much bad sound effect.More of an embarrassment honestly, but I don't mostly care what people think and watch 'em in front of friends and family anyway.

2: Buying journals/writing pads/notebooks even though I am running out of space to keep them.If it's pretty/colorful/cute or just plain there, I'll make a move on it.

1: Tonight I'm "Lovin' " you by Enrique Iglesias. When the song first come out, I had no idea there was a dirty version as well and one day sitting in a cafe/sheesha place with a bunch of friends all singing at the top of our voices, there was a disitinct puttering off , when the "lovin' " was not heard. Cue awkward silences and surprised/embarrassed looks)And that's when we all realized why everyone was staring at us. (Conservative country, folks!). And not to mention , that the song is about sex... Sheltered much, Zee?!?
Still one of my fav songs to dance to, till date.

Tonight (I'm Lovin' You) by Enrique Iglesias on Grooveshark
That's it for today. Now, anyone wanna share yours?