Monday, March 31, 2014

And it's April!

time flies

Where does time fly??

It's a bit scary how fast the days go and now we are 1/4 of the way through 2014 already!

This year started with a lot of promise and potential and yet it also marked the first anniversary of a great loss for my family.

I had plans that didn't come to fruition and some that did.

This blog is one of the latter.

This month I'm taking part in a blog hop! As a noob blogger, link parties and blog hops are new frontiers for me,so I ask that any breach in etiquette please be excused.I'm pretty excited about it and more on the blog hop later.

One of the things I'm thinking of is getting a new camera. I use my cellphone (samsung) to currently take pictures and was originally in the mood for a point and shoot camera. Now however, I'm wondering if I should invest in a SLR. This isn't a fashion or food blog, so my need for really awesome HD pictures isn't dire or anything. However the temptation of just getting an SLR and getting it over with is a bit overwhelming.

Any suggestions?

Also....I may, just may, sign up for the A-Z blog challenge! It's intimidating as heck, but also intriguing... Do I have what it takes?

Winter is gone and Spring has finally arrived(for some reason that sounded  like a Game of Thrones voice over).
spring is here