Tuesday, March 18, 2014

13 Little things I love

Unexpected little things in life

Stepping into week 3 of blogging I thought I'd share some insight into what makes me tick. So here it is!
13  little things I love in no particular order.

1.Breakfast! I'm an out and out break-y person. The few occasions I didn't get this most important meal of the day, I felt deprived and psychologically unhappy and just plain sorry for myself. Yes, I take this that seriously!

2.Birthday surprises! Honestly people, I have zero creativity when it comes to planning unique surprises but I love to be on the receiving end! Most memorable for me is when 3 of my closest friends showed up really early and woke me up with a candle lit cake in a dark room.Totally outta a horror story for a few min, but ultimately sweet!
Zoya's birthday cake

3.Glitter confetti! 'nuff said.
Glitter Confetti

4.Colorful post it stacks on my desk. Makes me feel all organized and productive.
post its

5.Buying books! Going to a second hand book store or the book section at Sunday bazaar, our version of a weekly flea market) and buying a stack of books is like heaven for me that I only get to visit once a month.
old books market

6.Using multi colored highlighters on my text books. I have a color code system only I can understand and on the few occasions I have had to make do without a color I need, let's just say not my finest moments!
high lighters

7.Cold shower after a hot and humid day at work. We don't do air conditioning in govt run hospitals. Tough guys, all of us, ready for the apocalypse!

8.Reblog notifications for tumblr.

9.Running against the cool pre-spring post-winter wind. Makes me giggle on the inside like the kid I am at heart.

10.Rainfall and cloudy skies! As a kid I wanted to move to England because it was supposed to be rainy and grey all the time. Yea, I'm weird that way! Can you really blame me though,I have perpetual heat and humidity 11 month 15 days out of a year.

rain sing you a lullaby

11.Accidentally getting a radio station  playing my favorite track.


13.Smiling children. Resilient and trusting, a sick child smiling back at you when you make a goofy face, or just  smile at them is something that lights up my whole day. Better than fireworks,honestly.
little girl with heart defect

So that's it for now. I'd love to hear you all share what makes you happy/smile. Life is a series of small miracles after all.