Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workout - Inside out!

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We are all aware of the fact that regular workouts can help us lose weight, get fit and tone up. Today I will share some interesting hair and skin care tips with which you will be able to maximize the results of your fitness efforts.

Hair care:
If you are the kind who dread sitting through long hours of treatments at the salon on weekly basis, does not want to leave your pillow stained from oil after a night long leave-on application or simply feel uncertain of the long term impact of the chemical treatments on your hair, here is your ultimate hair care solution.

Apply any natural oil that you find suitable for your hair type right before working out. Do partitions and apply slightly warm oil and massage well for few minutes focusing on your scalp using fingertips. Using a good hair brush, comb your hair with from scalp to tip in long and firm strokes. Tie your hair in a braid if possible. You can consider putting on a shower cap on your head after oiling if you perform the workout in a gym. From the point of the warm up till the cool down, your hair will go through exactly the same process that it does when you sit under the steam machine after getting your hair oiled and towel wrapped. the heat generated from within the body will allow the sufficient absorption of the oil on the scalp. You will sweat comparatively more when your hair is oiled than on a regular day. During this time, not only your scalp is on the receiving end of the oil treatment but it will also allow the scalp to let go of the flaky and dry scalp skin which can take form of dandruff over the time if not taken care of. However a word of warning for those who may have conditions like hair psoriasis. You would like to tackle this issue before getting any kind of treatments done or using the above mentioned hair oiling technique.

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Remember to wash your hair immediately after the workout and don't let the hair dry in the oil and sweat combination. Workouts naturally help increase the blood flow towards head and can help you have a thicker and healthier mane. Simultaneously, the use of this oil application method once a week will keep your scalp well nourished. You can adjust the frequency of this procedure to your own hair requirement however once a week is already a good routine to follow. Continue with your standard workout on the remaining days and it shouldn't take you too long to see your hair in the its best ever condition.

Face care:
I love my monthly facials from my favorite salon. They make me feel pampered and I deserve that "me" time. However on daily basis, we all play around with skin creams, moisturizers, scrubs and what not. While some skin issues need specific dermatological advice, the most common reason behind a lot of skin related problems is dehydration on both internal and external levels. Frequent scrubbing, use of harsh soaps and face washes, experimenting with new cosmetics and brushes and over washing can rip our facial skin of it's natural moisture. Some of the earliest signs of said dehydration can be seen in the form of early skin aging signs, random spots or pimples, flaky skin, uneven complexion etc.

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By tackling the internal dehydration, you can set a strong foundation to your skin care routine. Working out combined with proper water intake is known for flushing out the toxins from your body resulting in clear and glowing skin. With that said, you can also simultaneously work on improving the external hydration of your skin by dabbing a nice even layer of your trusted moisturizing cream on your face right before exercising. Notice that I said "Dab" and not "Rub". I have used "5 ways Vitamin E moisturizing cream" for this purpose in the past. The moisturizer you want to use for this purpose shouldn't be a complicated product. If you don't want to use a regular moisturizer, you can dab on some natural cocoa butter or even olive oil. A trusted face oil brand will also serve you well.

Those with acne issues, severe pigmentation and sensitive skin (as well as those using Retinol or a customized dermatologist treatment) need to consult with their dermatologists before trying this routine.

Working out with a layer of moisturizer on your face will have the same impact on your skin as it does when you workout with oiled hair. You will notice that your face is much more sweaty than usual as you will work out. "Dab" with a clean tissue paper whenever required during the workout. The effect of this skin care routine provides your skin the same results as when you get a deep cleansing treatment from salon. The only difference is that you can fearlessly use this method on daily basis if your moisturizer suits your skin well enough. Don't forget to perform any facial exercises that have been suggested to you by your trainer. A random pimple you may notice in the initial days of working out with or without practicing this external hydration routine is nothing to worry about. It's skin pushing out the toxins thanks to the regulated water intake.

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Wash your face immediately after working out even though most of the moisturizer will come off with the sweat as you will keep dabbing your face with tissue. Use a gentle face wash and slightly warm water for the first wash. Splash your face couple of times with cold water right after and your skin will thank you for it. In case you use black heads or white heads removing patches, apply them right after the warm wash and use the cold water only after peeling the patch and cleaning that area of the skin. Same goes for gentle face scrubbing/exfoliation/mask applications. Remember to "dab" dry your face with tissue paper or clean towel after and voila!! Your skin is ready for your day moisturizer and make up. Anyone using Regenerating Creams will benefit the most from this practice if applied after the this routine as your skin will absorb it much more efficiently. Don't forget to use your sunscreen cream or powder before heading out in the morning.

This practice is great for those with extremely dry, dry and normal skin. Even those with combination and oily skin have noticed good results by using a suitable moisturizer for their skin type. Avoid this routine on the days on which you are planning to receive a facial treatment, skin bleach and/or face wax/threading.

I am using Nivea creme (made in Germany) these days in a small quantity, well dabbed on my skin before commencing my workouts. The dry weather in France was visibly affecting my skin by surprising me with random pimples, flakes and red patches due to extreme dryness despite my skin type being oily. It was only after  starting my workout routine, adjusting my water intake and using this skin hydration method that my skin is now tamed and smooth.

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If you have any kind of skin allergies, please ask your dermatologist for a medically approved moisturizer for your skin type.

Disclaimer: The beauty advices and tips available on this blog are based on the successful experiences of a small group of people. It is important for you to be aware of your skin type and any existing skin conditions. Only dermatologist will give you the best advice for your skin issues.