Friday, March 21, 2014

Dolce Saponaria - Organic Heaven!

Ocean mall is not a mall I visit very often.. It hardly has any traffic, which of course is heaven for me as I’m not one for very crowded places, I've just been there a few times. This time around I went there out of sheer boredom on a day there was a strike in the city.

While waiting for a friend and aimlessly roaming about, I came upon a shop called “Dolce Saponaria” It is a Polish chain which offers various Bath and Body products and the works it has I tell you!. It’s a beautifully decorated shop and all the goodies lined up lured me in. I just had to find out what all it had to offer.

The shop smelt lovely, a lady with an accent, definitely European, welcomed me in. a possessor of a very a pleasant personality, I was completely mesmerized by her. Later on in the course of conversation I came to know that she is from Italy and France. She openly let me try creams and smell soaps and candles, told me about  everything that was available. She had hands on information about each and every product in the shop and recommended products that were good for my skin type, also asking me questions to be sure. I feel that this added to the beauty of the store, someone who knows what is right for you and giving you personalized service.(If only we had such customer service here, shopping would be a great experience – sadly half of the places don’t know any or much about the product they are selling).

The first product I bought from there was a body sorbet. I didn't even know anything called a body sorbet existed! Apparently it is lighter than body butter and heavier than a cream. It is made of Guarana and Guava, smells fruity and delicious, I could literally scoop it out and eat it! (different ones were also available). Prices are a little steep but the product is definitely worth it, good quantity and will last a long time. I take immense pleasure in applying my body sorbet and each and every time i do, me and even my room smells just divine! leaving my skin soft and supple. All products at "Dolce Saponaria" are 100% natural, organic and with anti-aging properties.

After that one time I have visited this shop many times, always greeted with a smile and a warm hello. I have used several of their products which include, Hair Shampoo with Moroccan argan oil (also known as the Morocco Gold)and 12 herbs and also the same conditioner. I bought a face oil made of grape seed (after I was told what is suitable for my skin in particular). I've used face scrubs and face masks and the handmade glycerin soaps are to die for! I'm currently using one made of berries. Lots of different ones with different fragrances are available and they look so pretty too.

They have a wide array of products, ranging from body oils, hair oils to face oils and massage oils. Shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, body scrubs, body butters and body sorbets, bath crystals, bath bombs, candles, face serums, face creams, soaps, bath gels, bath oils and so much more. My next purchase is going to be their argan oil hair mask!

Ladies and gentlemen, both, I highly recommend and urge you to go and at least check this place out, rest the products will speak for themselves!
I for one will definitely be going back to "Dolce Saponaria" time and time again.

It is located in Ocean tower, The Mall on the 2nd floor, shop no.226.

Be assured that you will not be disappointed!