Friday, March 7, 2014

The Big 30!

I think about the number I’m going to hit soon. The big 30!

All the ooohh’s and the aahhh’s attached to it. Entering the new decade…the aunty decade! What is all the hoo haa about anyway? Except for being called aunty, that never really did settle well with me… The irony that I’m an elementary school teacher and so am called aunty everyday! Some thing’s just can’t be helped I suppose.

When I decided to write about this topic, I was going to turn 30 and now I am.
No big difference really. But it isn’t about hitting a number now is it? It’s about the journey that lead us all here… to the point where we feel wow, 30! That’s big.

Its only big because we make it seem that way, because everyone else makes it seem like it’s a milestone we have achieved by being this old or maybe it’s because when we weren’t 30 we looked at people who were and saw them as old or how they had evolved to come to think of it now. That is what has happened to me too, I’ve evolved.
The experiences, the trials and errors, the lessons learnt, the laugh lines, the scars, the going from walk mans to mp3 players and roller blading to driving cars….the having quality over quantity (the o.p.i nail colors over the cheap sweet touch haha).
It’s about the years packed with so many memories that matter, not the number. The good and the bad,knowing that people will talk no matter what you do, there's no pleasing everyone and how to say no. The losing, gaining and the lost forevers (yes yesss you can include the much weight gained and the little lost here too!) The books read the knowledge gained. All the little realizations we have in the daily hours of our lives that pass by like they mean nothing but make you who you are at the end of it all combined.

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One of the things I cherish most is the relationships made. And I mean the kind when you walk into a restaurant or a shop, whether it is a local store or a movie store or even down the street (which we can hardly do anymore without the scare of getting mugged *sigh*) and everyone knows you and heys and hellos are passed around.
I go to this shop nearby my house for the monthly purchases. Every month when I go there I make sure I get a free water bottle (the small mineral water bottle), I mean I deserve one, Its tiring shopping for stuff and money going out of the pocket like a running tap!
So this time around when I went the owner of the store calls out to one of his boys and says “baji ke liye pani ki bottle ka tax lana!” The joy I tell you!! The pleasure of that little gesture made me so happy, I was all smiles, the one that goes all the way up to your ears! I forgot all about the money we spent there and the inflation and how expensive everything is nowadays for that little free bottle of water….above it all, it was the gesture that meant so much and the comfort I felt, the warm feeling you get inside when you know the people around you.

More importantly, over the years the friends that become the family that we choose for ourselves and such a big part of our lives…these few people who know how crazy you are, your good and bad qualities, but yet will stand by you at all times no matter how wrong you may be and yet when alone, tell you off for doing something that was not right. The honesty that comes only and only by spending years with someone. The way you can look at each other from the other corner of the room and know what they are thinking, the little things you can laugh about which only you know and probably only make sense to you. The getting to hang out with your dad and still feeling like a little kid and getting used to a wedding ring on your finger not to forget the snoring of course!!
The indescribable connection that one has with their pet, in my case with my dog, Bella. Who has also been my savior in so many ways. (No, she has not been named after the ridiculous vampire movie twilight Bella, thank you very much!)

Life is long I’ve heard so many say… But life is good is what you don’t hear often. It’s what you make of it at the end of it all, it’s what you put into it and it’s not really that long, I mean I’m 30 already!!!
It seems to me today when I sit here typing this all out that it has taken me 30 years to understand myself and that also not totally, my surroundings and my people, also how much my naps mean to me!. 30 years to be able to be comfortable in my own skin (I speak for no one but myself). To understand that I have a life with others and one that I shall live for myself individually… and there is still so much more to learn, to see…

It has been hard and fast and slow and low, up and down and all around and yet there is so much to do. No one can ever know how much time ones got and so we must make the most of it, all the time and everyday!
Life is a never ending experience; till it does end and memories are all we’ve got. So make lots of them.
At 30 it seems like the fun is just beginning! So cheers to 30 years to the journey that has gotten me where I am today and cheers to the journey that I’ve still got ahead of me.
And now a bar of chocolate! oh hoooo its dark chocolate, good for the heart you know ;)
The pleasure in the small and simple things in life is what makes it wonderful. This is the life I tell you, this is the essence of it all.

“The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them” ~Michelle Hamersley~