Thursday, March 6, 2014

WorkPlace Wednesdays 5/5

surgeons at work operating room
(source : flickr)

Hello everyone.I went back to work last week after a gap of two years (long story for another time). My job is at a large government run hospital in Karachi, with it’s particular set of quirks. This is just a fun, sometimes serious insight into my work life.
I’ll keep updating these WpW (Work place Wednesdays. Technically this going up on a Thursday, but it happened a day before, so just go with it.) on occasion to give you an inside peek into what we doctors actually get up to. Today is the first in this occasional series and as is fitting, it’s about the 5 things that got reaffirmed for me on the first day back.

  1. I hate sick children. Not children, just sick and in need of surgery children. To see these precious miracles crying is just beyond me  and I start getting super weepy myself ( I know, I’m a sap). Resilient as though babies and children are, they should always be happy and healthy.My heart goes out to those who families I see sitting out there with their baby, waiting to send them off to surgery.

  2. There are some really cute doctors out there! ( Hello peads surgery guy!)

  3. Boys still band together and most girls still hate each other. This one is beyond me at this point. I thought we were all grown ups here!

  4. Some senior doctors have really bad fashion sense (this coming from someone who has just there enough fashion taste herself). Think the ugliest possible red and black ombre vertical stripe-y tie in existence. Wish i could have taken a picture to show you all. I’m assuming the tie was a self shopped item and not a gift. Bad choice Boss!

  5. I love my job! This is my calling. As a spiritual person, I believe God gives us sickness and he gives us health. He also gives us, the means to develop tools for helping those who are sick and in pain. To actually be a small,tiny part of this plan and have front row seats to the miracle of the human mind and body at work, is at the same time time, exhilarating, humbling and terrifying.

This is it for today. If anyone has some work related happy points, do share.

Happy nearly weekend everyone!