Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To Niche or not to Niche?

Niche blogging

Good morning World! Originally this post was intended for April or May , however, I felt the need to write it sooner. One of the joys of Google calendar for blog editorial scheduling  is the ease with which I can move my post ideas around!

One of the first things we first discussed when setting up this blog was the concept of niche blogging and how we were supposed to categorize ourselves. Straight away it was pretty clear that as long as we were planning on doing this together, we are going to be "lifestyle" bloggers. Lala, our resident fitness fanatic is the only one who has a certain underlying theme to most of her posts. I, on the other hand, write up whatever I feel like writing up on.

There are plenty of expert written articles/ posts out there laying out the pros and cons of niche verses non niche blogging and this is not going to be one of those, so fair warning. Blogging for me at the moment is about putting myself out there, and this place is my soapbox!

Niche blogging is big and has better potential for monetizing, as has been said by multiple bloggers and experts out there. But looking back through the blogs I love, follow and return to again and again, those are personal or lifestyle bloggers. I enjoy reading about what some girl in Chicago did on her weekend or how someone in Mississippi spent their day.

I do follow some food and fashion bloggers but I'll usually give their new posts a cursory look through. I suppose the strength of a personal blogger is their writing style.And that is something I hope to develop through this blog. It's my blog goal if I should put it that way, along with making friends with people far flung from where I am. So for me personally, non niche is the way to go. However, as a piece of advice from one new blogger to another, if any one is reading this, is to decide what you want to get out of your blog and if you cant, then just go for what your gut tells you. It's never too late to reinvent yourself if you feel the need for change. Blogging should be whatever you need it to be.

One a separate note, a week ago TheSITSgirls had a online event called spring fling. It had a daily task which consisted of sharing your social media links and checking out other peoples social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, g plus, Instagram). The last day was about blog critique. Lots of helpful comments came from there and made me realize that as a work in progress, DIY designed blog, how much fun I'm having doing the DIY-ing.

So the moral of the story: Have fun with blogging! And get what YOU want out of it.