Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Disappointed! HIMYM Finale

HIMYM finale.

I'm Sorry. But what the hell?? He meets the mother. They have kids. They get married.She dies. He ends up back with Robin. What a neat way to give Ted's the kids he always wanted and Robin never did and make these two end up together anyways! Wow.

The entire 9th season of this madly beloved show has been a bit disappointing, but the finale just blew me away.

HIMYM series finale

I'm not a shipper as per se, but I believed that this show was about how Ted meets the love of his life. Apparently, it was always Robin. Not the woman he fell in love with and had kids with and married. Indeed, from all this I am to assume that if Robin had wanted kids, then they wouldn't even have bothered with bringing the mother in at all.

The whole "oh the title was a fake out...see how clever we are!!" thing feels, frankly just insulting and not at all honest.

I love Ted Mosby. I want to marry Ted Mosby. Well, the Ted Mosby of the earlier years uptil season 6 even.

That said,I had lots of moments (Seasons56789) when Ted was pining after Robin, that I would get pissed and wonder why was he not moving on, and how would I ever accept that this obsessed guy is ever gonna fall madly and totally in love with someone else. It felt like an ode to Ted's great love for Robin.

Season 9 with it's ridiculous and frankly boring dedication to the wedding, was bad enough when Ted was mooning after Robin still, but then they did BAM! instalove with the mother. Kinda makes you wonder who this guy is and how fickle can someone suddenly become!

The finale felt insulting on more than one fronts. You take a character like Robin, badass and proud of it. You turn her into this crying, insecure, having a great career but ultimitly unable to cope with seeing Ted with someone else person who just drops her friends. Just like that. She doesn't drop them because she and they grow apart. No, she drops them beacuse she is feeling sorry for herself.
How Dare they  take a strong female character and reduce her to this?!?

Also, the mother of the title, was, what? A stay at home womb? How I meet the eggs that you came from??

This post should have been a V for Vent or R for Rant, but honestly it is so much more a disappointment.

Im gonna pretend the episode ended at the train station and try to scrub everything else from my brain. It's my fav show, and I refuse to let this affront destroy the joy these characters have brought me.
Rant over!

Now, please excuse me while I go drown my sorrow in chocolate and watching something like the American Horror Story.