Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is Yesterdays,Yoga and Yeats

This is it! My last entry for the AtoZ challenge.

The Letter Y.

Y is for yesterdays. Some good, some bad, some just ok.Yesterday I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. One yesterday I let go of a friendship which was toxic. . One yesterday I graduated with honors. One yesterday, I had my first crush ( still remember that guy. Clean cut and sweet and a senior in school...sigh...).

yesterday lewis caroll

Y is for Yoga. Oh how I hate it! Actually it's more of a love-hate thing.I really don't get the relaxing benefits of it honestly. Flexibility ,yes. Relaxation nope! And let's not even get started on how incredibly annoying it is trying to breath when my entire significant weight is crushing my lungs and my tatas are blocking my airways because I'm trying to do the Saryangasana.

saryangasana yoga pose

Last but not least Y is for Yeats! As an uncultured heathen, I appreciate lyrics. Not Poems, but lyrics set to music.There have been few , very few instances when the written word in poem form has ever appealed to me. But for some reason, Yeats is a poet I read back in school and have never forgotten. Well, him and Wordsworth,but that only because they made us memorize the Daffodils till I could swear I was eating,sleeping and dreaming about those flowers.

wordsworth host of golden daffodils

Yeats brown penny