Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is Oprah and Orphan Black

O is for oranges, orangutans, oaks, oatmeal (dont like it!), orbit,obscure,observant,obsession( it!), obtuse, object,octogenarian and oddballs.

Today O is for her royal majesty, Oprah and Orphan Black !

 As a child just hitting tweens, I remember being introduced to the world of satellite tv and cable.

One of the first shows I watched was Oprah on Star Tv. For my tween mind, this lady on tv having all these people sit down and talk about life and sad stories and funny things was a revelation. Also, the episodes where she would give stuff away, #sorrynotsorry, I loved those!

As I grew up I actually started understanding a lot of what was actually being said and done and the more I got to know about the woman itself, the more I admired her.

Oprah Winfrey quote

There are lessons in life I have taken to heart and no matter what her critics say, she has been an immense influence on the lives of millions of women.  So today's post is dedicated to the Lady herself!

Oh and also, Orphan Black. I havent seen the show yet, but I hear good things about it and the sci fi nerd in me is fascinated by the premise of cloning and secret conspiracies.

Orphan Black

Anyone who watches this wanna tell me about it?