Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Learning

Learning is my word for the day. Not the conventional kind of learning but that which is inevitable, unenforced and natural. Amidst the hustle bustle of the world, we maybe picking up new skills, diplomas and/or certifications but I wonder if we really learn anything for real. The learning that will make us feel like we are living a life and it's so worth it.

Last 2 weeks gave me a chance to sit back and re-evaluate my life. Life was a bit mad at me. It wanted to go wild, laugh freely and breath deeply but I was forcing it to exhaust itself in pursuit of  unattainable ideals involving other people. As I wondered how can I make life feel alive again, I soon found all my answers within me.

The curious child in me is back and kicking. She is looking around this beautiful world with eyes wide open. She wants to learn how to ride a bicycle and play Ukulele. She has spent hours collecting seashells at the Atlantic ocean and has gleefully stepped into a pool of mud as well. She still hate maths but want to conquer it. She has had the best time of her life cooking for people who have helped her laugh again. She has learned that in each conflict in life, there is a lesson awaiting to be learned. She has learned that sometimes when we don't love ourselves enough, we try to convince ourselves that a certain behavior of someone may be love. She has learned that no one can make her feel loved if she will forget loving herself. She has learned that she is a lovable existence. She has learned that she is never so busy that she cannot read her favorite book, watch her favorite film or just close her eyes and dream away. She has learned that her choices in music, clothing, food or anything for that matter are rightfully hers and people cannot question them and change them or judge her on their basis. She has learned that not every form of love is a right form of love. She has learned that sometimes not loving back too can be the right thing to do. She has also learned that nature is a beautiful phenomenon!

So here I am, extremely glad to learn that in the end of the day, the only person who I have to live with is myself. In the day to day life, the most important duty I have is towards my own well being, happiness and growth. Everything else just comes along and follows.

Oh! L is for Lala also. And this Lala wants to thank Zoya, my dear friend and a real professional associate/partner in this blog for keeping up with all its affairs while I was too busy learning the lessons of life at my end. As a team we tend to share responsibilities equally but despite working full-time, over-time, all-the-time as it seems to me, she didn't let this blog slip away and did her best to post regularly and carry on with this blog. Thank you Zoya. You rock girl!