Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Friendship!

Hey everyone! F has plenty of words I wanted to write on, but those topics would have required longer posts and I'm trying to theme my AtoZ challenge towards mostly lighthearted topics.

So today it's about Friendship! Specifically some of my favorite quotes regarding this relationship that none of us is born into but all acquire during life.
Dedicating  this to my best friend,who is the reason I still expect the best from people.

Winnie the pooh and Piglet

Winnie the Pooh. Source of some of the most famous quotes in the world, not to mention some of the most recognizable characters. Lots of quotes came to mind, but this is amongst my top WTP friendship quotes. Some thing just clicks with the paranoid insecure girl in me. Lol

friendship is born

Ahh, yes. This is one of those insta-friend moments. You look at the person in a new light and suddenly cant wait to find out more about them.

privilege of friendship

The utter and absolute trust of knowing that they will not judge you or look at you different just coz you are letting the dark side of you out sometimes.

be a friend

Be a friend, first and foremost. Don't just take , but give equally. Put yourself in "their" shoes before you decide to go all Diva on them. These are things I had always believed in but thanks to all the unique experiences, was close to giving up, when I met the girl who has been my  best friend since 15 years.

A truly amazing and genuine person, I hope to get to introduce her someday soon to this blog of mine.

So F for me is Friendship.