Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Riddle Rumble

Here comes the R!

R is for Radio - the industry and a particular channel back in Pakistan being that one true institution for me which taught me so much throughout the entire period of my affiliation with it. Those lessons and experiences are the very basis of who I am today as a person.

R is also for Retinol which I think it's about time I should start integrating in my skincare routine. I welcome all your suggestions on retinol based products for a beginner like me. Do you guys think that there is any particular age to start using retinol based products?

And here is the deal of the day: R is for Riddle Rumble.

Today, let's have some fun. I have compiled few riddles right here on this post for all of you to put on your thinking cap. Just write the question number followed by your answer in the comment box below to participate.

I will be posting the answers to these riddles by the weekend so you all have got one week from now to think and respond. What's more fun than having your friends participate as well?

Word of advice: Don't think too much.

Let the game begin now!

1. You can find it in two and twelve but not in three and thirteen. What is it?

2. I am pronounced wrong by all the linguists in the world. Which word am I?

3. A girl's father ends up in a prison, mother goes bankrupt and the brother has no other option but to sell his hotel for few bucks yet she is very happy. How so?

4. There is one difference between black and white. What is it?

5. We all know that 12+1 = 13. But it's also true that 12+1 = 1. How?

6. Name the living thing which is capable of providing both the milk and the eggs simultaneously?

7. Imagine you are driving a bus at the speed of 150 km/h. Around 10 passengers got on the bus from station A and 8 from station B. There are 15 women and 3 men on the bus.  If 50% of these women are married and 50% of these men are single then what's the bus driver's gender and eye color?

8. It does not have any flesh, muscles or bones yet it has two hands, 8 fingers and two thumbs. What is it?

10. An old woman has checked into the emergency room because she cannot see the color of the nail polish on her toes. She is not color blind and doctors have declared her healthy. What do you think is wrong with her eyes?

11. Police is searching a murder crime scene to find a missing clue. After one week they finally found it lying right next to one of the shoes behind the kitchen counter and it has blood on it. What is it?

12. Name the famous planet discovered by NASA on 31st June 1954.

13. A man wants to grind 50 kilos of flour at the grinding store. How would he like to go to the store: walking, driving or skating?

14. Name the person who can jump as high as the Mount Everest.

15.  A man was born in 1925 and then died in 1925 as well. He was 80 years old at the time of his death. How is this possible?

We will be anticipating your responses. Once again, just remember not to think too much! Have fun.