Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xanax

Despite an A* for English in my last qualification, trust me, I tried really hard to find a word starting with an 'x' other than "Xanax". At first attempt, my genius of a mind offered me these choices:

1. Xanax (but lets think of other words!),

2. X-ray - reminded me of two of my 'favorite' accidents in life. The most serious one involved a broken chin and a cute doctor flirting with me. Ting!,

3. XXX - If you are thinking of something socially inappropriate, dude/dudess, this is a child friendly blog and you may be a bit of a pervert. This 'XXX' is a decent and actually very cute symbolic representation of "kisses"! What were you thinking of?

4. X - This is just a letter, I know. But this is that famous 'x' that came between me and mathematics in my life. It is always demanding of you to find it its values, pops up anywhere in a diagram and asks for its significance and worst of all, it never minds its business and is always found in others' complicated equations. In short, this 'x' is a self centered letter.

5. Xerox - Yeah, the photocopy process. I don't know why I am even mentioning it.

That's all of my 'x' vocabulary, just three words (as Xanax and XXX doesn't exist in the dictionary). I felt the need to integrate more words starting with an 'x' in my life. So I picked up my dictionary and looked up for more useful 'x' words to be utilized on daily basis. And that's when I realized the biggest "X - Truth" of my life.

Minus "X-ray" which I already know about, only 11 words exist in the dictionary(my thick "pocket" Oxford English dictionary) starting with 'x' and out of those 11, only 'X-rated', 'Xmas' and 'X chromosomes' are the words I think I must have had used or heard in real life conversations, during Christmas special films or reproductive documentaries on TV. Although there is a word which is 'Xenophobia' which expresses racist attitude in medical terms, I understood why 'x' is always trying to catch our attentions in mathematics. It has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder!

The only "Xylophone" I have ever seen in my life was in my kindergarten. It was obviously a mini model and we weren't allowed to play with it. 22 years later, I still blame my kindergarten for not nourishing the possible musician that 'could have been' in me. Sob sob*

While there is no ultimate point to this post with 'x', I learned something very interesting today concerning Xanax. Did you ever notice that the word "Xanax" is a Palindrome? I mean isn't it amazing that it reads the same from both ends? It's like discovering something new about an old friend. Uh oh, am I giving away too many clues on me?

Disclaimer: This is the author's comical take on the letter 'x'. I am totally anti-prescription drug abuse (I swear!)