Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nine things I love

N is for my Nail colors collection (matte, glitter, crackles, professional manicure kits, nail art kits and even nail stickers). I may not regularly wear a nail color but I can't resist the temptation of purchasing a pretty nail color.

N is for Noodles.  The typical two minutes noodles with the spice mix in the packet. It was the first ever thing I cooked independently in the kitchen when I was 9 years old and felt like the master chef. But even today, its my savior on the days when I am not in the mood to chop and peel.

N is for Nose pins. As I write this, I am wondering in the back of my head where exactly have I lost my little packet with two of my gold nose pins inside. That's the problem with me! The more I try to take care of things, the things seem to play hide and seek with me. Hiding is not an issue, I am just worried that my seeking skills aren't reliable. Although last year November, I officially took off my nose pin as facial piercing aren't allowed for this particular Job I am aiming for. However, those nose pins meant something to me. Why oh why?

N is for all the Nights I have stayed up either blogging, drafting or watching Comedy Nights with Kapil on You tube. As much as I would like to sleep for good 8 hours everyday, I find myself feeling like a zombie on regular basis due to lack of sleep. What's ironical is that I have tried and tested the most famous brands of camomile tea and before-bed infusions and apart from fulfilling my love for teas, they don't do anything else for me. However, I have learned that people who stay awake late in night are very intelligent and creative people. That's comforting! I sure do not have Insomnia. Or do I??

N is for No. This is the word I need to start using more often. If I don't feel like eating something, I will say no. If I don't feel like going somewhere, I will say no. If you think that I am always going to say Yes, well, I will say no. Integrating "no" in my life has been a hard task but since lately, saying no has saved me my peace of mind.

N is for New york. I have never been there and trust me that my knowledge about New york is based on my love for films. Most of my favorite Indian films are shot in New york (remember, I am a shameless Bollywood fan) And ever since I am in France, I have noticed that even the French people have a real special love in their heart for New York. Only in Bordeaux (the city I currently live in) one can find more souvenirs for New york than Bordeaux itself. I don't know why I love New york, maybe because I saw it written on an ashtray in a souvenir shop but this is something I need to definitely verify for myself by one day visiting New York!

N is for Nature. The beautiful and mysterious nature. I was born and raised in Karachi which is a very hectic city but after my arrival in France, I have discovered many faces of nature around me. Initially I was bored looking at all the green around me and I used to say "France is so green that it hurts my eyes" but with better companions, I ended up discovering the nature in a way (N for Noir Moutier in the west of France) so interesting that I can say now that I am a nature Lover! The phenomenons behind human comprehension, the intricate beauty of insects, birds, animals, plants and land structures and the tranquility of breathing in the pure air are such an amazing experience that it will be hard for me to describe them. When I stop appreciating this part of nature, I find myself wondering why us, Humans, being such an important part of the nature have become so materialistic?

N for Nicotine. It's something that I hate to love. Despite knowing all the scientifically proven theories of how I can die young due to smoking, age quicker, develop cancers and ulcers, have low stamina, yada yada yada, I never tried quitting smoking. Neither am I planning to nor will probably ever do so. I guess, I am also a bit stubborn.

N is for the most important moment of the day: Now! I am done with nostalgia and with wasting time dreaming away. I have learned to live in the moment called now and I am very content with it. My now is in my control and I have the power to use it however I want to in order to create a dreamlike future. My now is happy, breathing, aware of herself and her thoughts. My now is mine!