Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is Sanity (4 ways to keep it)!

S is for sandwiches, sandbags, sunsets, sabbaticals,sacraments, sacrifice, saddlebags( yes, I have them. No, I dont ride horses), saffron, sunflowers, salary ( it's s few days away still),story telling,sapphires,salsa (love the dance..meh' on the condiment ) and last but not least S is for Samosa!

Today S is for Sanity! .

Sanity: The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health..

Hmmm.. now that's debatable, a lot of time. For all of us.

However,  there are times when you need to maintain our sanity ( yea, me running around the hospital screaming at the top  of my lungs or bawling like a baby is not how I want people to remember me , as I'm lead away in a straightjacket doped up on Valium). So here are some tips from me on how to keep your sanity.

1.Breathe. Just breathe. Take a deep one in and let it out slowly. Preferably do this when you are in some corner hidey hole, if such hole not available, screw what people think and huff and puff away.

2.Stop comparisons. She may have the bigger booty but you have better tatas.He may have the ear of the boss, but you have the handle on the nursing staff. So there.

3.If at home exercise.All the way to the fridge, or cafeteria or wending machine. Go on, walk to the fridge , pull out that ice cream tub you promised yourself was for guests when you were buying it, and just dig in.

4. Refer to number 1.

Ok, so with all the words and amazing posts that could have sprung from the loins of the letter S, you are probably wondering what the heck this was.

What can I say, it's just been one of those weeks and it's only tuesday..Oye.....