Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hmmmm..

Today is all about H. Day 8 of the AtoZ April challenge.

H is for Home, and home is with my family.

H is for happy,which I am sometimes, but it's mostly a work in progress.

H is for Husband, whom I don't have. But I hope  for cripes sake he is out there somewhere!

H is for How-to's, which I don't do.

H is for hawkers, who haggle and hem and haw and bend me to their will.

H is for hope, or lack there of, which I'm doing my best to get over. I hear prayer is supposed to help.

H is for headphone, I have pink ones and purple ones.

H is for healer, which I hope I'm a darn good one in the future.

H is for health, which I need to better take care of.

H is for heartburn, which I suffer from when I'm stressed.

H is for haberdasher, which means "a dealer in goods for dressmaking and sewing", and is a word I find fascinating for some reason. I suppose I can blame Jane Austen and historical romance books for it.

H is for HI, everyone!