Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Greetings!

I always wanted to learn different languages. Alas the only forward momentum I ever made in that direction was to learn the very basics of french..and then proceed to promptly forget all about it!

But I still know that hello in french is Salut for informal and Bonjour for daytime informal! ( the r make a gg sound that is very very subtle in this case). Ahem, see Lala, I still know at least this. ;-)

So in preparation for the grand world tour I will be treating myself to on my 40th birthday( hey, my currency drops and never rises, so it will take me years and years of frugal living to start even planning my European odyssey) here are some hellos form across the Europe.

dutch german informal
This is informal in both dutch and German.

German formal daytime greeting 
This is formal German daytime greetings.

informal italian
This is informal Italian.

formal italian daytime greeting
Formal Italian daytime.

spanish hello
This is Spanish and for some reason ,I have yet to understand, I use this greeting in real life non Spanish everyday scenarios.

Hmmm... I may just be running out of ideas for this challenge here already.