Friday, April 25, 2014

U is Ulloo Ka Patha!

5 more days to go! AtoZ Challenge 2014 almost over.

So here we go with U.

U is for underwear,

 umbrellas( obsessed with colorful pretty ones),


Urban decay ( don't use make up all that much, or rather don't know how to, but love love love their Book Of Shadows).

U is also for  until, unless, unbelievable, unbeatable, UniCron ( transformer geeks will get this one).

Mostly though, for us desis, U is for Ulloo ka Patha!

The word translated literally means Ulloo=Owl , Patha=student/follower.

Now the closest definition for this word in English would probably be Moron in terms of usage.

He is such a moron = ulloo ka patha hai woh!

And here is my little contribution to spreading knowledge to the world today...

PS: Google translates this as Patha of Potatoes.Wat the what??